Our Theory of Change

People of color have always understood the need for our own spaces without white people present, for our own safety and healing. The BIPOC Project expands on this fundamental understanding and seeks to directly address the gaps in building authentic and sustainable solidarity:

  • We address how three pillars of racism – Native invisibility, anti-Blackness and white supremacy - are internalized and show up in mutually reinforcing, distinct, and specific ways within BIPOC spaces and impede our efforts to collaborate across difference;

  • We disrupt calls for “unity” by making explicit dynamics of power across intersectional identities within a racial hierarchy underpinned by Native invisibility, anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and center BIPOC most at the margins;

  • We seek to intentionally reframe the Black/white binary to cultivate anti-racist analysis, knowledge and practice among a wider group of BIPOC, to call us all into racial justice work; and

  • We offer a vision of solidarity rooted in reimagined relationships between BIPOC in an anti-Black, white supremacist society.